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Spendor A4 Speaker

Spendor D7 Speaker

The Spendor D7 is one of the most reviewed, most consistently award-winning speakers to come on the market in recent years. There is a reason for this… it is incredibly competent. The D7 checks a lot of boxes – it has a relatively small footprint, it is not overly fussy about placement, it has the imaging capability and detail of a small monitor, and exhibits the weight and authority of a full range three-way speaker.  In short, the D7 is an unobtrusive and attractive speaker with terrific sonic attributes. No wonder it wins awards in bunches. 

Price Per Pair - $7695

Spendor Classic 3/1 Speaker

Spendor speakers

The Spendor A series is a completely new design, aimed at providing excellent performance while trying to stay within a budget. The speakers feature the new Spendor EP77 polymer cone, and the acclaimed 22mm wide-surround tweeter. The A4 is a rear-ported speaker. Spendor A4 speakers will certainly not dominate a room visually, but their sound certainly belies their size. It delivers a wonderfully balanced sound with firm, full, bottom end, extremely stable imaging, expression, and energy. Best of all, the A4 is not picky about room placement, or partnering equipment. In summation, an accurate, articulate, and fun speaker that you will not get tired of, at a price point you can live with.

Price Per Pair - $4295

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The Classic 3/1 pays homage to the classic Spendor BC-1 speaker originally designed by Spencer Hughes and used by the BBC. Like the original BC-1, the Classic 3/1 has incredible midrange response and is a charmingly musical speaker. Unlike the original, the Classic 3/1 has a little more going on in the bottom end and imaging departments. It offers a slightly romantic sound, but with just a touch of zip to make it a little more interesting.  If you are a lover of vocal and chamber music, you will no doubt be a lover of the Classic 3/1 as well.

Price Per Pair - $4495

The A7 is the newest and largest member of Spendor’s A series. While slightly larger than the A4, it still has a relatively compact footprint. The A7 also utilizes the EP77 polymer cone, and 22mm wide-surround tweeter. However, the A7 borrows its porting system from the more expensive D7 speaker. With many of the same design elements in place, you would expect the A7 to sound a great deal like the A4 – it both does, and does not. While the A4 and A7 have a similar tonal profile, the A7 is both more refined, and authoritative. The A4 itself is an excellent speaker, but the A7 does everything a little better. Considering that the A7 costs more, that is probably a good thing. Spendor has done a wonderful job to combine accuracy, clarity, and boogie-factor in the new A7. It is a hugely enjoyable and entertaining speaker.

Price Per Pair - $5995