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EF130 - A reference level filter for less than a third the cost of other reference level units. A beast. 6 outlets. 14 AWG power cord included.

List Price - $1150 Cdn

Power Conditioning

EF110 - An excellent filter for a basic system. 6 outlets. 14 AWG power cord included.

List Price - $550.00 Cdn

EF 120 - Superbly comprehensive filtering for the more advanced system. 6 outlets. 14 AWG power cord included.

List Price - $850 Cdn

entracte Audio By Design 

Power conditioning

All Pricing In Canadian Funds

These new power line filters have been designed for Entracte Audio by Gilbert Yeung. The most obvious question to ask is if these are the same filters as the former Blue Circle PLC units. The short answer is: Yes and no. 

Yes, because these are capacitor based power line filters with no current limit and because they use different values of capacitance to create networks specific to the various frequencies ranges of electrical dirt. Definitely the same general approach.

No, for a number of reasons. First - and most obviously - the EF/TF units are in a metal chassis for better shielding from external noise. Second, these new units are using a multi-point ground system, implemented for a better and stronger earth to ground path. As an added benefit, the new ground layout has contributed to lower background noise. No question, it's quieter. Third, more advanced capacitance networks are being used, with greater overall filtering power.