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The P6 Premplifier is essentially the Hint 6 Integrated amplifier without a power amplifier. It has the same functionality -5 RCA inputs, a balanced input, phono stage, onboard DAC capable of DSD256 resolution, balanced and RCA subwoofer outputs, HT bypass
and mates very well with a large variety of power amplifiers. It also works very well with powered speakers

​Price - $ 2250


Power Amplifier

PARASOUND amplification

The JC2BP preamplifier is the result of designer John Curl's (that what the JC stands for) nearly half century of design work in the audio industry. The JC2BP uses innovation developed over the past half century, and adds features such as 6 total inputs (two switchable between RCA and XLR), 4 output jacks pair with specialized functions, dual mono left and right channel circuit boards, direct DC servo coupling, and separate analog gain controls for the left and right channels. The JC2BP is a wonderfully transparent preamplifier with superb connectivity.

​Price - $ 6300

The Hint 6 Integrated Amplifier is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. It has 5 RCA inputs, a balanced input, phono stage, onboard DAC capable of DSD256 resolution, balanced and RCA subwoofer outputs, HT bypass, large capacitance power supply, 160WPC into 8 ohms, the list goes on... The short version is that it can accept a wide range of sources, drive pretty much any pair of speakers, and can act as an excellent centrepiece for your audio system.

​Price - $ 4200




Power Amplifier



The A23+ is a no-nonsense, feature packed power amp that is a terrific choice for the audiophile who wants to spend well, but not extravagantly. It has a massive toroidal transformer, substantial power supply, and outputs 160 watts into 8 ohms, while being able to deal with speakers that dip below 2 ohms. The A23+ operates in A/AB mode to deal the best in both sonic quality and efficiency. It is obviously a great match with the Parasound P6 Preamplifier, but it seems content to work with a variety of preamplifiers, and will drive pretty much any speaker that you may care to pair it with. A powerful, clean sounding amp that doesn't break the bank account.

​Price - $ 2250


Power Amplifier

For many, 160 watts per channel would be enough. But if you need more... you should consider the A21+. It's not just about power output - Yes, the A21+ is capable of delivering 300 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load - it's also about resolution, finesse and dynamics. The A21+ delivers all these, and and is stable down to 1.5 ohms just in case your speakers are a really difficult load. A perfect amplifier for use with Parasound preamps, but the A21+ is also happy to pair with pretty much any preamplifier. It's big, it's heavy, but it runs quiet and cool. Considering how much it does right, the A21+ is definitely worth the effort of carrying to your listening room. A long awaited and worthy replacement for the classic A21 amplifier.

​Price - $ 4500

Hint 6

Integrated Amplifier

All Pricing in Canadian Funds

The JC5 power amplifier is nothing less than a beast. It features a massive power supply, massive toroidal power transformer, dual mono input stages, and independent power supplies for left and right input, driver, and output stages. The JC5 is stable down to 1.5 ohms. It can deliver 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and at full power is rated down to 5Hz. This amplifier operated in class A/AB, and provides 12 watts or pure class A power. The JC5 is a truly impressive amplifier, capable of performance well beyond it's price tag.

​Price - $ 8500