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Melco N100/E100/D100

Digital Music Library System

The N100 is Melco's new entry level High Resolution Digital Library. It is built in a half sized chassis. However, half sized does not mean half quality. The N100 has 2TB of storage space available. If you need more, the E100  matching expansion unit can provide you with another 3TB of storage capacity. In case you would like a high quality transport/ripper to go along with the N100, there is also a matching D100 external drive. These three unit can be used together or separately as the basis for an excellent digital source. They sound wonderful. And they are cute.

Price - N100 Digital Library $2695

           - E100 Expansion Drive $1699

           - D100 USB Drive $1699

Melco N1A/2 

Digital Music Library

 Melco describes the N1A2 as a “High Resolution Digital Music Library”. Stereophile describes the N1A2 as a class A+ component. That seems like a pretty fearsome combination. 

The N1A2 comes with 6TB of internal storage. This new version has upgraded storage drives, increased vibration dampening an improved power supply, and a dedicated USB 2.0 output specifically for use with an outboard DAC. The N1A2 renders music in a very detailed and wonderfully natural way. This is a superb unit to store and play your digital files from.

​Price - $3985

Melco N10

Digital Music Library

The N10 is Melco's newest version of their Digital Music Library components. According to Melco, there are absolutely no standard IT or PC components under the hood. It has been designed from start to finish as a reference grade audio component. The power supply is massive, and is housed in a separate chassis from the ultimate in noise reduction. It also rests on TOAC isolation feet. The HDD is designed specifically for sonic performance, and is mounted on a heavy stainless steel plate for dampening and heat-sinking purposes. the N10 has a storage capacity of 3TB. An additional 3 TB can be added with the addition of an E100 expansion drive.

​Price - $9600

All Pricing in Canadian Funds

Melco N1Z/2

Digital Music Library

At first glance, the Melco N1A/2 and N1Z/2 look almost identical. Let's face it - they are both High Resolution Digital Libraries, they come in a very similar chassis, both have 6 TB of storage capacity, and they serve the same purpose. However, the N1Z/2 takes excellence to a whole new level. The N1Z/2 has a reinforced drive foundation, upgraded anti-vibration system, a larger capacitor bank, and an upgraded processing system that writes data at low speed and retrieves it at high speed. More expensive than the N1A/2? Yes. Better? Yes.

Price - $7300