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The Django XL exhibits many of the best features of both small and large speakers. It has articulate and detailed highs that are at the same time easy on the ears. It is a large speaker that is also agile and uncoloured. The mid frequencies are natural and uncoloured. There is excellent bass extension and superb imaging. They can play music of many different styles convincingly. Rated Class A by Stereophile, and deservedly so.

Price Per Pair - From $15500

Marten Duke 2 Speaker


All Pricing In Canadian Funds

The Miles is the only remaining speaker from Marten’s original product range. It is now in its fifth generation, and is Marten’s most popular speaker offering. The Miles 5 is renowned for its detail, balance, speed and transparency. The latest version has updated Accuton drivers and high quality Mundorf components. This is essentially a terrific speaker that has become even more terrific in its latest edition.

Price Per Pair - $16700

Marten Miles 5 Speaker

The design concept of the Django series was to provide a lower cost entry-level speaker. This “so called” entry-level speaker may well be the last speaker that you need. The Django L features a two way bottom ported design that has some unique performance attributes – it has excellent presence and authority, nice deep extension in the bass, wonderful detail, and yet it is forgiving and works with a wide variety of amplification. Overall, a wonderful speaker that is well worth a listen.

Price Per Pair – From $10400​

Marten Django XL Speaker

Marten Django L Speaker 

The Duke 2 is a supremely capable two-way monitor, with smooth airy highs, and tight but full bottom. They extend down to just below 40Hz, and do not exhibit the low/mid-bass bloat that you hear in many other monitor designs. The imaging and driver blend are superb. The parts inside are of superb quality, the crossover and bass driver are the same used in the super expensive Coltrane series. These speakers – like the larger Django models – do a very convincing job of making you “feel like you are there”. As good a speaker for a small room as you will find.

Price Per Pair – From $9995