The Abscisse Jubile is one of the most unique and interesting speakers I have ever encountered. It is a 2.5 way design with a separately enclosed ribbon tweeter. I am generally not a fan of small speaker drivers, nor am I partial to ribbon tweeters. The Abscisse has opened my eyes - or more accurately my ears - to the error of my ways. The tweeter is precise and defined, but in a sweet and unfatiguing manner. The small drivers are capable of dynamics and punch, real physical punch... the kind you can actually feel in your chest. Additionally, the Abscisse Jubilee is quite comfortable being placed close to a back wall. All in all, a special speaker that with careful matching and placement will yield extraordinary results.

Price Per Pair - $8990

The Euterpe Jubile is JM Reynaud's entry level floor standing speaker. Its sonic presentation would be best described as having the imaging qualities of an excellent monitor speaker, with a little more gusto in the bottom end. The Euterpe Jubile is an excellent speaker for a small to medium sized room. It is unobtrusive visually, yet delivers sound that belies its modest size.

Price Per Pair  

Wood Finish - $4290

Lacquer Finish - $4490

The Cantabile Jubile is a 2.5 way design that produces a rich, refined sound. The separate tweeter unit enables the Cantabile Jubile to deliver an extraordinary sonic image. It is rated down to an impressive 35 Hz. While the Cantabile Jubile won't produce thundering bass, it does produce extremely tight, and musical low end which can be delivered with surprising punch and definition. While producing fine results over a wide range of musical genres, the Cantabile Jubile is especially good at delivering the unique tone qualities of acoustic instruments. These are an exceptional speaker for acoustic jazz, classical, and vocal music aficionados.

Price Per Pair  
Wood Finish - $6290

Lacquer Finish - $6490

​JM Reynaud Speakers

If there were to a "most popular" award for the JM Reynaud line, it would undoubtedly be given to the Bliss model. This latest Jubile version raises the bar for performance once again offering a slightly warm, yet agile tonal profile, with the characteristic musicality that has gained the Bliss model so much acclaim. Affordable and musical, an inspired choice for an intimate system.

Price Per Pair - $3190

JM Reynaud

Bliss jubile 

JM Reynaud

Euterpe Jubile

JM Reynaud

​Abscisse Jubile

All Pricing In Canadian Funds

JM Reynaud Cantabile Jubile

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