SF-200 Mate

tuning Feet

​The SF200 Mate tuning feet are a limited production budget minded product. Designed to give a high performance to cost ratio, they are intended for use - in tandem with any Harmonix spike base - to bring a new level of detail to any piece of gear in your audio system. 

​Price (set of 4, black) – $530




The Harmonix RF-909X is designed for use with a wide assortment of components such a spike-equipped speakers and stands, CD players/transports, amplifiers, preamplifiers, digital audio converters, or pretty much any components in your system. Wherever vibration reduction and increased focus and clarity are required, the RF-909X are your friend.

Price (set of 4, black) – $490

All Pricing In Canadian Funds


909X MK2 


Building on the strengths of the RF-909X, the RF-909X MK2 more robust construction adds yet another level of refinement to any component in your system, improving focus, detail, and dynamics. These are designed for use with either spike-equipped speaker systems or in tandem with any Harmonix spike tuning feet. 

Price (set of 4, black) – $1200



Tuning Spike

The RS-1115 tuning spike is a perfect companion for the RF-909X MK2 or the RF-999MT MK2 spike bases. They are intended for use with all audio components. The RS-1115 will provide better bass, better imaging, better transparency, better everything, really.  When you need better than "really good", consider these.  

Price (set of 4, black) - $1650

​Chord digital
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