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Fyne audio F302

Not everybody wants or needs an expensive speaker, but what everyone DOES need is a musically satisfying speaker. For those looking for "performance at a price", we offer the F301. The F301 is a stand mounted 2 way monitor capable of of projecting a musical portrait well beyond it's price point. It's a well rounded speaker that won't restrict your listening habits. Check out the review from Stereophile - it tells the story. Better yet, come and check them out for yourself.

Price Per Pair – $625

Fyne Audio F501SP

Fyne Audio F301

fyne audio speakers

The F501SP is a gloriously attractive and incredibly engaging speaker. There I said it. It provides a near full range sound, excellent dynamics and detail, imaging, punch... I'm running out of words. You might want read some reviews - there's lots out there - but even better if you come and audition them. The F501SP deliver impressive sonics and scale in a pretty compact package. It's a very easy speaker to like... a lot.

Price Per Pair - From $6600

A more full sounding speaker for the budget-minded audiophile. The F302 has the same well rounded tonal profile of the F301, but being a floor standing speaker it produces a larger sonic image and is capable of better low frequency extension. Additionally, the F302 is capable rhythmic timing and dynamics that you would expect from a more expensive product. All in all, and extremely satisfying  speaker to listen to.

Price Per Pair - $950

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first hooked up the F500SP. I'd read the reviews, but I wasn't quite prepared for the small size of this compact monitor. I expected excellent finesse, detail, and imaging of course, but I was not prepared for the weight and conviction delivered by these little gems. These are wonderfully detailed speakers that would work well to produce a full sound in a small space. Did I mention the fit and finish? Very nicely done!

Price Per Pair – From $2650

All Pricing In Canadian Funds

The F701 is best described as a premium monitor that is precise, cohesive, and punchy. It has much the same tonal profile as its big brother, the F702.  Being a monitor, it images incredibly well, but it produces a weightier sonic presentation than most stand mount speakers. This is a great speaker for a medium-sized listening room, where you want a smaller looking speaker but need to fill the space. A highly engaging speaker that will bring years of enjoyment.

Price Per Pair – $8850

If you have a large listening room, the F702 should be on your list of speakers to audition. It can play literally anything convincingly. Amazingly, the F702 can image like a much smaller monitor, but it does it within a large scale sonic picture. It's an amazing feat that I have not heard reproduced in very many other speakers, certainly none in this price range. Lovers of orchestral music will be especially thrilled when they hear what the F702 can do. They are even easy to drive, so compatible with a really wide range of amplification

Price Per Pair – From $16250

Fyne Audio F702

Fyne Audio F500SP

Fyne Audio F701