All Pricing In Canadian Funds

EF130 - A reference level filter for less than a third the cost of other reference level units. A beast. 6 outlets. 14 AWG power cord included.

List Price - $1299 Cdn

Power Conditioning

EF110 - An excellent filter for a basic system. 6 outlets. 14 AWG power cord included.

List Price - $649 Cdn

EF 120 - Superbly comprehensive filtering for the more advanced system. 6 outlets. 14 AWG power cord included.

List Price - $979 Cdn

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Our power line filters have been  to provide maximum performance at a reasonable price. Designed by Gilbert Yeung (formerly of Blue Circle Audio) and built in Canada, we are proud to say that our power line filters outperform similar equipment that costs much more. We've eliminated fancy and put the emphasis on performance. Features include:

* Parallel capacitor-based filtration for zero voltage drop and no current limiting

* Each outlet has a short and direct path to the internal filters

* Multiple filter networks with specially selected Q factors, tuned to eliminate noise over a wide frequency spectrum

* Carefully placed multiple ground systems to create complete external coverage rejection of RF and EMI

Interested but not sure? Read the reviews from 6 Moons and Positive Feedback:‚Äč

Here is a 360 degree view of the EF130. As you can see, we've packed it pretty much full.

Attention international customers - EF powerline filters will work all over the world. If either North American or Schuko outlets will work in your system we can build one for your needs. 

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