Considering their recent introduction to the audio world, Entracte Audio AC Powerline Filters have received much acclaim. The EF110, EF120, and EF130 have received positive reviews and are finding homes in many audio systems in Canada, the United States, and more recently in several countries in Europe and Asia. To help you make an informed decision as to which Entracte Audio product is right for you, this page is dedicated to provide information and experiences from customers, reviewers, and the design team at Entracte Audio. 

What The Reviewers Say...

Currently, we have two reviews independent audio publications. This is what what 6 Moons and Positive Feedback have to say about Entracte Audio by Design Powerline Filters:​

What We Say...

Product development is an ongoing - though not necessarily linear - process. Without going too far into the details, before a product is brought to market, we have to feel that it is useful and effective. In short, we have to like it. When something new is in the pipeline, you will find it here. 

If you are interested in some of the design ideas behind Entracte Audio by Design products or what's next in the product line these YouTube videos may be useful. While these may not be professional productions, they are definitely informative:

Introducing The EF215 and EF220  

For those who have a more complex set up or who have specific high current demands, we proudly present the new EF215 and EF220 Powerline Filters. These new filters are the same in general terms as the EF110/120/130 family in that they are capacitor based. However, we recognize that some of our customers - those with high powered mono-block amplifiers for example - may have need of a dedicated two or four outlet unit to handle more extreme electrical needs. The EF215 and EF220 have an increased capacitance complement, and are equipped with 10 gauge internal wiring for ultra-high current capability.

As the model numbers indicate, the EF215 and the EF220 are meant for use with 15 Amp and 20 amp circuits respectively. The EF215 will meet the needs of most folks, but for those who have gone to the extra effort to install dedicated 20 amp lines, we offer the EF220.


Product Overview

What Our Customers Say...

Reviews, testimonials, & Videos

Power Conditioning

EF215/EF220 Intro

"I couldn't be happier with my recent purchase of the new EF120 power conditioner from Entracte Audio by Design. I've been a huge believer in Gilbert Yeung's products ever since Mike at @absolutesoundchatham in Chatham sold me on the Blue Circle Audio PLC Puck. I also have the Blue Circle Audio Fon Lo Thingee phono preamp with the upgraded power supply, which I built a custom mount for. Overall, these components have taken my hifi to an entirely different level and proper conditioning should never be overlooked!"

                                                                                                                                                                                               ​J.P. - EF 120 Owner    

"Wasn't sure I was going to be a believer in the need for power conditioning.  I am now! The EF130 is making a definitive statement in my system."

​G.T. - EF130 Owner 

"I’m so happy with the EF130. My system is turbocharged without any dynamic limitation... the EF 130 is not an upgrade, it’s a REVOLUTION!"

P.H. - EF130 Owner

"For about the past year I've been using a custom power isolation transformer box featuring a custom Plitron 1KVA (1000 watt) transformer. The secondary windings have two balanced outputs with the center tap referenced to ground. An electrostatic screen winding provides shielding between the primary and secondary windings to shunt out high frequency noise to ground. The balanced AC outputs are connected to Hubble hospital grade sockets to keep a firm grip on the plugs of connected equipment.

Thursday afternoon when I got home I noticed the output voltage way to high at a 130 vac. I thought the volt meter in the unit might be inaccurate so I checked with a multimeter and it was reading 130.6 vac.output. So the search for a power filter started.

The plan was to use EF110 while I was having my transformer based power supply repaired.

Well that plan didn't last long. After 10 minutes of listening I knew it sounded a lot better than the transformer based power supply I was using. As a matter of fact it sounded better than any power supply I've had before, including a Shunyata Hydra 4, Furman Elite 15 dm-i, Torus Power Conditioner and a few others. I spent a few hours Thursday evening and all day Friday listening and thought to myself if I knew how good the EF110 was, I would have bought the EF120. I woke up Saturday morning and gave George (at Entracte Audio) a call to see if I could upgrade to the EF 120.

 After picking up the EF120 I had high expectation after hearing the EF110, and I was not disappointed... very black background, the highs sizzled and shined without any fatigue, the mids were beautiful pinpoint focus and so much detail was revealed with the lack of electrical noise. Even the picture on my 4k led TV got better. If another power supply is needed it will definitely be the EF130."

K.J. - EF120 Owner 


"The EF130 has made a recognizable expansion of the soundstage, improved lows and better overall clarity of the sound.  I am really enjoying it."

B.S. - EF130 Owner

EF Series Intro

EF215/EF220 Intro

and Application

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