Custom Design FS104 Speaker Stands

The FS104 Signature uses a unique support system with a single centre column and four satellite columns. The result is a very rigid speaker stand with excellent imaging, wide dynamic range, and superbly controlled bass. The FS104 is available in a variety of finishes, and with two different sized top plates. It is very easy to assemble, and the centre column is easily filled with your choice of filler. A highly effective and stylish stand for small and medium sized monitors.

Price - $389 (Standard)
           - $469 (Signature)

Cables & Accessories

Custom Design SQ404 Signature Speaker Stands

The SQ404 is a robust 4 column stand designed to support a medium to large sized monitor speaker. It is a snap to assemble, and just as easy to mass load with your choice of filler. The SQ404 is an extraordinarily stable design, which helps your speakers achieve excellent detail retrieval, focus, clarity, and imaging. Bass is solid and tuneful. Speakers are a joy to listen to on these stands.

Price - $499

Kimber Kable 4TC 

The 4TC has been an audio staple for over 20 years and is a terrific value.  It offers a detailed and balanced sound and is a great choice for small monitors in a dedicated two-channel system. The 4TC is available with both banana and spade terminations.

Price – From $329

Kimber Kable 8TC 

The 8TC has been the recipient of numerous positive reviews since its introduction to the Kimber line. It is a great solution for longer runs, and tough speaker loads. It offers excellent detail retrieval, and a large soundstage. The 8TC is effective for both large and small speakers, and is effective for both audiophile and home theatre systems. The 8TC is available with both banana and spade terminations.

Price – From $559

All Pricing In Canadian Funds

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