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Integrated Amplifier

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audio valve tube amplification​

Audio Valve tube Amplification​


If 50 watts per channel is not quite enough for your needs, then you might be wise to consider the Assistant 100 mkII. Audio Valve made the decision to implement Russian GU50 tubes in the output stage of the Assistent 100 mkII, due to both their sonic properties, and their reliability and consistency. The Assistant 100 mkII is capable of 100 watts per channel output.

The Assistent 100 mkII is capable of a superb balance of clarity, warmth, and musical insight, at the same time providing solid and tuneful bass. It casts a beautiful image and has the horsepower to drive a wide variety of speakers.

This is a strikingly good looking integrated with excellent sonic attributes. Pair it with competent speakers and a good source and you’ll be satisfied for a very long time.

Retail Price $13500


Integrated Amplifier

The Assistent 50 is an unusual product in many respects. It looks a little unusual. It has an unusual design. For a tube amp it has an unusual sonic profile. In all cases here, unusual is not only a good thing, but a great thing.

Instead of using large power tubes, the folks at Audio Valve implemented a design that employs 8 QQE 3/12 military grade tubes, and supplies 50 watts per channel. This is a unique design that allows the Assistant 50 to reproduce music in a natural, yet agile fashion. In addition, the Assistant 50 has a tube auto-biasing system, so the tubes are biased each time the amplifier begins operation.

The Assistent 50 combines a distinctive look with a sound that combines a number of desirable aural attributes. It has defined and punchy bass. It exhibits the warmth and 3D presentation of tubes. It presents an articulate and focused image. All in all, a wonderful integrated that should make a lot of folks happy. And it looks SO cool…

Retail Price $7400