The SCM11 had a long-standing reputation as an extremely capable loudspeaker, but its re-designed version is a revelation. Designed to operate in a small to medium sized room, the SCM11 delivers depth, clarity, and imaging that is unmatched in its price range. The older version was a perennial Class B loudspeaker on the Stereophile “Recommended Components” list, and the new version is substantially better – doubtless due to many of the design improvements, which include the new tweeter, new cabinet design, and new mid/bass driver. In other words, it’s a whole new speaker, and it definitely sounds like it.

Price Per Pair - $2699


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The ATC SCM7 lends truth to the old saying “Good things come in small packages”.  The SCM7 has won a number of awards and received much acclaim since its arrival in 2014, and for good reason. You get way more performance from this little guy than you would expect. The bass is tuneful and firm, and the midrange and highs are extremely clear – vocals are particularly good. The components are very well built, with all of the speaker drivers now being manufactured in-house at ATC. A must for your small room or computer based music system! This is quite simply a terrific little speaker.

Price Per Pair - $1899

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The SCM19 is quite possibly the most reviewed and celebrated of the new ATC consumer line. It is a large monitor speaker, which brings an enormous amount of presence, fullness, authority and detail to the listener. Although it is hard to call a $4K plus speaker a bargain, this speaker may well be exactly that, a bargain – there is not another speaker in this price range that will perform like the SCM19. It is listed as a Stereophile Class A recommended component, and rightfully so – it is a superbly capable loudspeaker and will fill a medium sized room easily.

Price Per Pair - $4599

The SCM40 is without doubt a reference level loudspeaker. It is a three-way sealed enclosure design that delivers incredible authenticity, and amazing clarity.  The domed speaker drivers offer exceptional coherence. Best of all, the SCM 40 is room friendly, and because of its sealed design can be placed very close to a back wall if need be. Having lived with the SCM40, I can tell you that I never plan to be without a pair of these – they are fantastic. Expensive, and well worth the cost.

Price Per Pair - $8399