CD Player/ Preamp

The CDA2 can serve centrepiece of a comprehensive, yet relatively simple audio system. Consider - one box houses a very competent CD player, a high quality pre amp, and a USB DAC capable of resolution up to 384 kHz/DSD256. That is a lot of functionality in a single box, and the CDA2 performs all three tasks with aplomb. The CDA2 has a full complement of inputs and outputs. There is a 3.5 mm analog input for cellphones and tablets. The CDA2 has both XLR and RCA preamp outputs. It even has a headphone output. 

Price - $5300


Power Amplifier

For those situations that require a little more power, you might want to consider the P2 power amplifier. Providing 300 WPC, the P2 is a dual mono design with a discrete power supply and massive transformer for each channel. The output stage has three MOSFET devices per channel and can achieve peak current output of over 15 amps. the P2 can drive virtually anything. It's a beast, but an extraordinarily musical one, capable of delivering wonderful tonal accuracy and nuance, as well as incredible control and dynamics. The P2 is a great choice for larger rooms and speakers. 

​Price - $6200 



Stereo Preamplifier

If you prefer the "one box for one job" approach, or you already have your source components in order, the CA2 is a great choice as a preamplifier. It has a full array of inputs and outputs, including a tape loop, headphone output, both XLR and RCA outputs, and a pair of dedicated subwoofer outputs. Plus, if you are into vinyl it can be configured with either an MM or MC phono stage. Hand-built in the UK like all ATC electronic components, the CA2 will excellent performance for a long time.

​Price - $3200


​Power amplifier

ATC is such a prolific speaker making company that their electronic components are often overlooked and underestimated. It would be unfortunate to overlook the P1, because it is a highly proficient amplifier. Rated at 150 WPC of class AB power, this true dual mono design amplifier is rated as a Class A component by Stereophile. For a relatively low cost, the P1 renders music with character, authority, and insight, and is capable of driving a very wide variety of speaker loads. Additionally, it behaves well with pretty much any preamp you might care to pair it with.

​Price - $4200

All Pricing In Canadian Funds

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